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Guru Ji Ka Ashram
The Official Website of “ GURUJI KA ASHRAM “           The festival of Gurupurnima will be celebrated at the Bade Mandir on 31st July, 2015.      
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His glance will penetrate to melt the cauldron of your emotions till it bursts forth and trickles down cleansing your very soul; He shall stand with you, protecting you not just from everybody but even from your own self...
Our Motherland has been blessed with the presence of Mahapurusha who have since millennia been the helmsman of its destiny. It is to them, in their sheer power to invoke, nurture and protect dharma that the country owes its survival. ...
Shri Guru Simran is the Hindi translation of Light of Divinity. It is a compilation of various satsangs which the sangat has experienced.
22nd July, 2013
The Festival of Guru Purnima shall be celebrated at the Bade Mandir on 22nd July, 2013. Keeping in mind the unprecedented rush on the occasion of Guruji’s Birthday it has been decided that the Bade Mandir shall be opened from 3 PM in the afternoon for Darshan and Langer Prasad will start from 4 PM onwards.

This has been done to provide better facilities to the visiting Sangat members. The Sangat is requested to visit the Bade Mandir as early as possible and to leave after having Langar in order to avoid the rush.
7th July, 2013
The Birthday of Revered Guruji will be celebrated on 7th July, 2013, at the Bade Mandir from 6 PM onward. All the Sangat Members are invited to attend and receive the blessings of Revered Guruji. The Arti of Guruji will take place at 8:30 PM followed by Langar. The celebrations will continue till midnight.
31 May, 2013
Photos of M.S.M. Hospital Inaguration in Dugri Upload in Latest Function Section.
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Revered Guruji’s Birthday will be celebrated at the Bade Mandir on 31stJuly, 2015 from 3 PM onwards; all Sangat members are invited to attend the celebrations.

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The Festival of Light was celebrated at the Bade Mandir. The Sangat participated with a lot of fanfare, and the photographs of the decoration and Sangat participation have been uploaded, please see....
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In the year 1999 Guruji formed a Public Charitable Trust called “Guruji Ka Ashram” with Guruji and his mother as the founding trustees through a trust deed duly registered with Sub Registrar - Delhi. ...
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The relation of the Guru with his disciples is very unique-it has no equivalent comparable relation in the world.
Last Updated on 15th Sep 2013
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Dear Sangat members this website provides you with a platform to share your views and experiences about Guruji, and also give suggestions about the site.
Last Updated on 15th Sept 2013
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Guruji Sangat Participation
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It has been brought to the notice of the trust that some Sangat members are using the words “Guruji”, “Guruji Ka Ashram” etc. in association with and as a part of their trade mark name and trade products / services.
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The Trust Guruji Ka Ashram is a Public Charitable trust involved in various charitable activities on day to day basis. For further information press, ...
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Guruji Public Charitable Trust
A humble offering at Guruji’s lotus feet of our reaffirmation of faith and a vow to follow the path He showed us....
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A garland of shabads and songs, each of which is a pearl, beautiful and divine, offering insight and wisdom about various questions which arise in a bhakt’s mind....
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